Brake Repair Services

Brake Repair

$100 Brake Repair Special

Brake Force’s $100 Brake Repair Special includes:

• High Quality Brake Pads (as good or better than your vehicle’s manufacturer’s!)
• Repacking any Non-Sealed Bearings
• Resurfacing of your Rotors
• All Labor required for Installation
• Complete Bleeding of your Brake System
• A 2-year or 24,000 mile guarantee!
• Free oil change with filter (up to 5 qts of oil, excludes diesel vehicles)

* $100 per axle.

Brake Master Cylinder Repair

Recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles:
The brake master cylinder is the “brain” of your braking system. When you apply pressure on your brake pedal it triggers a process of reactions within the brake master cylinder, causing it to distribute the necessary amount of brake fluid required for your brakes to perform their duty. In time, leaks or cracks can begin to develop in your brake master cylinder, keeping it from being able to perform this highly crucial function. Brake Force can diagnose and repair these issues to ensure that the most important safety system in your vehicle is performing properly.

Brake Fluid Flush Service

Recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles.
Over time, it is common that your brake fluid will absorb contaminants such as water and oxygen. This contamination can cause sluggish or unreliable brake performance and the eventual corrosion of crucial parts in your vehicle’s braking system. For example, water in your brake system can cause your brake fluid to begin to boil, possibly leading to total brake failure. Brake Force can flush out and replace your brake fluid to help prevent further corrosion to your brakes and avoid costly repairs.

Adjusting & Cleaning Brakes

In some cases a simple adjustment or cleaning of your brakes will fix the symptoms you are experiencing. This is why Brake Force offers FREE brake inspections to diagnose the exact cause of these symptoms and treat them accordingly. If our inspection finds that an adjustment or cleaning is all that is needed, we will be glad to perform these services on your vehicle to help make sure you get safely back on the road as quick as possible.

Brake Power Booster Service

The brake power booster is what enables the slight touch of your brake pedal to stop a 2 ton object moving at very high speeds. It uses power of the natural vacuum created by your vehicle’s engine to produce the necessary force to cause your brake system to stop your vehicle quickly and safely. Brake Force performs a wide range of power booster maintenance and repair services to ensure that this vital part of your braking system is functioning as it should.

Emergency / Parking Brake Service

Your vehicle’s parking brake isn’t only to keep it from rolling down a hill while parked, all though is does do a great job of performing this necessary function, it is also provides the crucial function of being an “emergency” brake that can be used to stop your vehicle in the frightful event of brake failure. Brake Force’s expert technicians can diagnose and repair any problems that you are experiencing with this crucial safety feature in your vehicle.